This is a HTML5 remake of Lode Runner, building the program with CREATEJS Javascript framework.

  Game Features:
  • 3 Play mode & 1 Demo mode:
        (1) Challenge Mode: Compete with worldwide players.
(2) Training Mode: Can select any levels to play.
(3) Edit Mode: Custom levels created by player.
(4) Demo Mode: Replay passed levels.

  • Include 5 game versions:
        (1) Classic Lode Runner (150 Levels) difficulty: 3
(2) Professional Lode Runner (150 Levels) difficulty: 4
(3) Revenge of Lode Runner (17 Levels) difficulty: 4
(4) Lode Runner Fan Book (66 Levels) difficulty: 5
(5) Championship Lode Runner (51 Levels) difficulty: 5

  • Provide 2 themes:

(2) commodore64
Commodore 64

  • 2 Keyboard control mode:
        (1) repeat on
Repeat actions on: Like APPLE-II keyboard behavior
(2) repeat off
Repeat actions off:Like NES keyboard behavior

  Only support PC browser.

  The AI algorithm reference book: "玩 Lode Runner 學 C 語言" (1988).


Lode Runner で学ぶ実践C言語 (original book)

lode runner book

Lode Runner 學 C 語言

     GitHub Source Code: https://github.com/SimonHung/LodeRunner_TotalRecall
     GitHub old version: https://github.com/SimonHung/LodeRunner

     Simon's GitHub Projects: https://simonhung.github.io


     (1) Douglas E. Smith: The creator of Lode Runner, has passed away (1960 – September 2014).
     (2) "Lode Runner Fan Book" extract from  Apple Lode Runner - The Remake 1.0h
           And the last 3 levels got from Lode Runner Online (Lode Runner Expert).
     (3) History of Lode Runner : http://www.tozaigames.com/loderunner/history.
     (4) Classic Lode Runner & Championship Lode Runner walkthrough: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Lode_Runner/Walkthrough.
     (5) Explode Runner (Japanese website): Windows version, JavaScript version & Champ Lode Runner walkthrough.
     (6) Lode Runner Online: The Mad Monks' Revenge rewrite version: Mad Monks' Revenge: Definitive Edition.
     (7) Lode Runner 1 is a mobile game released by Nexon Company (05/2017).

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